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Elegant Çelik aims to carry reliable and quality service standards to the highest levels with its strong and professional staff. Our company has made it a principle to provide customer satisfaction under all conditions. Our company, which is open to all changes with the developing and changing technology and keeps up with the conditions, continues its work without slowing down in order to meet all demands and needs.

With more than years of experience in the sector, we are crossing the borders of the country and delivering our products to many different regions of the world together with Asia and Europe. As Elegant Steel, we are proud to have carried our products to international platforms.

While providing our product, design and service services to our customers, we are working to achieve success without ever compromising our principles of honesty and commitment to our ethical values.

Automatic shutters are the best security measure to be taken for workplaces, housing and warehouses. We offer our automatic shutter services, which can be considered as a definitive solution for the protection of spaces, urgently throughout the entire process from manufacturing to installation.

We provide our Automatic Shutter, Automatic Shutter, Sliding Garden Doors, Industrial Doors and Spare Parts services to our customers with our years of experience and expert staff.

Elegant Steel closely follows the developing technology and produces long-lasting, safe and high-quality shutters. Our company is moving to the manufacturing stage by taking into account the needs of the area and customers and completing the analysis processes.

Our Automatic Shutter Systems are products with special designs that can be used in your workplace, parking lot, private property and garages. We also adapt our products to indoor spaces by taking into account every desired size and design. While ensuring your security with our remote controlled automation systems, you can also save time. Moreover, we aim to protect budgets by providing all the necessary support to our customers at every stage of the process with our guaranteed products.

While keeping safety at the forefront with our automatic shutter systems and all other products, we also work with meticulousness in terms of aesthetic and decorative appearance.

We provide service support in our high-quality automation systems, automatic shutters, automatic shutters, garden gates, automatic barriers and iron joinery services. Working with our company, which is located at the right point where quality and reasonable price combine, brings with it many privileges for all our customers.

In addition to automatic shutter systems and all other products, we also provide services with automatic shutter power supplies and spare parts sales.


Our first goal is to expand to Asia, Europe and the whole world together with every region of our country, to increase our national production and capital strength by globalizing our products.


Our priority is to provide our high quality products to our customers by adapting them to technological developments and to maintain constant customer satisfaction.


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