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One of the first applications that comes to mind when it comes to automatic shutters is securiautomatic shutter manufacturerty. Automatic shutters are frequently preferred especially in workplaces. We are able to produce shutters that are used on doors and windows and can be automatically guided by a special motor in our Elegant Çelik factory, which is an automatic shutter manufacturer.

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What kind of advantages can we gain if we have automatic shutters?

Although the use of shutters has been around for a very long time, the types of automatic shutters that have entered our lives with the developing technology have provided serious security.

Automatic shutter systems, which are widely used in workplaces, provide serious advantages in providing security and provide protection in bad weather conditions according to their type. Our automatic shutters also benefit your budget as they are very economical in terms of price.

How Does the Installation Process of Automatic Shutters Work?

Correct assembly and installation of automatic shutters is important for 100% efficient use. For the installation of our shutters, measurements must first be made. While taking width, depth and height information, the opening directions of the shutters are also taken into consideration.

After the location of the motor box is determined because it is automatic, the plates are assembled first. Then, after the motor is installed, the working process is tested. Your shutters that work smoothly are then ready for use.

What are the Types of Automatic Shutter?

Automatic shutter types are classified according to whether they are electric or motorized. However, these two types of automatic shutters also have models and options depending on their usage areas.

Likewise, it is also possible to diversify in terms of the power used in automatic shutter systems.

Types of Automatic Shutters in terms of Power Supplies

Automatic shutters are divided into two as electric automatic shutters and motorized automatic shutters in terms of the power sources they are used. Both power sources provide sufficient efficiency.


Motorized Automatic Shutters

Motorized automatic shutters are powered by motors called shutter motors. Although there are no obvious differences between the products where motors are used as a power source and electrical products, it is known that there are minor differences in terms of working principle.

Motorized automatic shutters and electric automatic shutters provide the same advantages and the decision is left entirely to the customer’s initiative.

Electric Automatic Shutters

Although there are minor differences in terms of working principles, there are no serious differences between electric automatic shutters and motorized automatic shutters. The biggest difference is that the energy needed for the operation of the system is provided by different sources.

As with almost all automatic shutter systems, it is generally used outdoors.

In addition, while it can be used with switches or wall-mounted buttons, it can also be controlled by remote control. These products can only be opened and closed with fixed buttons and remote controls.

They cannot be opened with external interventions. In addition, since they automatically stop working at the opening and closing points, there is no risk of accident and they are very safe.

How is Pricing Determined?

As there are different types of automatic shutter models, their prices are also variable. There are many factors that cause changes in pricing in our shutters.

In addition to basic factors such as the main material used, size, color, even smaller details such as motor control have determining effects on shutter prices.

For your curiosities and to get more information about shutter prices, you can contact us at our contact number 0532 266 05 42.

Can We See Different Models and Types of Your Shutters?

Automatic shutter models and types vary considerably. What you need to do to see our shutters offered in various colors, models and features is to review our gallery page.

By getting information about all the models and features here, you can decide on the right shutter model for your workplaces.

Where Can I Use Automatic Shutters?

The most common place to use automatic shutters is undoubtedly workplaces. Our shutter systems, which are very useful both in terms of security and weather conditions and durability, provide you with a safer workplace.

However, it can of course be preferred outside of workplaces. For example, shutters can be installed in vineyard houses or similar areas that are not visited very often, if appropriate.

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