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Automatic roller shutters have been in our lives for a long time as one of the benefits of technology. As a company, we offer the highest quality and long-lasting roller shutter services to our valued customers in the field of automatic roller shutters. Here is everything you wonder about our automatic shutters…

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Do Automatic Roller Shutters Stop the Cold?

Automatic roller shutters, also known as window sashes, are attached to windows from the outside and can be opened and closed automatically. These shutter systems cut the cold and provide protection in extreme heat as they also prevent the sun.

Therefore, you can easily use our automatic shutter systems.

What Benefits Can Automatic Roller Shutters Provide?

Automatic window blinds are one of the services that everyone who uses them is satisfied. Although it is especially preferred because it cuts the cold air, it has many more benefits. When the sun comes in, it prevents overheating or wear and tear on your furniture.

Another advantage is that it prevents your newly cleaned windows from getting dirty when it rains or snows. Therefore, we can say that it is now among the must-haves of every home. While automatic shutters protect your homes, the automatic shutter manufacturer Elegant Çelik also produces shutters specific to requests and needs.

What are the Technical Specifications?

Our electric roller shutter types allow the type motors to be activated by the use of control or automatic motors. This ensures that the shutter lamellas moving on the rails are collected in the box.

In the closing process, on the contrary, it comes from the box and descends downwards. Correct installation and testing of the motors in our automatic roller shutters is also important for quality and long use.

Are Automatic Roller Shutters Safe?

Automatic window shutters, which are widely preferred in windows, are extremely safe. Our quality shutters, which you will prefer from our company, provide a very long-lasting and safe use with the correct assembly and quality materials.

Automatic shutters, which are also preferred in houses with gardens, are extremely safe as they also provide security inside the house.

Are Your Products Energy Efficient?

Our range of electric roller shutters provides many benefits in many respects, while at the same time providing savings. While providing insulation in terms of heat, sound and light, it also protects you and the nature by saving energy use.

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How Do You Determine Automatic Roller Shutter Prices?

Although the main determinants of our automatic roller shutter prices are size, model and color, every conceivable factor has the potential to affect the price. Factors such as the automation system of the shutter and motor power can also cause changes in the prices of the shutters.

For automatic roller shutter prices and everything else you are curious about, you can reach us by calling our contact number 0 532 266 05 42.


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