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We Sell All Kinds of Shutter Spare Parts!

When it comes to spare parts, it is very important to reach original spare parts. Elegant Çelik provides reliable spare parts service in every region of our country, Asia, Europe and many regions of the world in the sale of automatic shutter spare parts and aims to deliver high quality products to its customers.

All spare parts that our customers need are offered for sale in our company with the most affordable prices and advantages. The fact that automatic shutter spare parts are guaranteed, quality and well-designed products is very effective in extending the service life of the shutter.

In order to obtain sufficient efficiency from the product, great care must be taken and meticulously researched for the spare parts purchased. Moreover, poor quality and non-guaranteed spare parts will increase your financial burden as they will cause uninterrupted failures.

The automatic shutter spare part products used have a great share in the best performance of the shutters and getting high efficiency. All spare parts supplied by Elegant Çelik are products that have been designed, tested, passed all necessary controls and thus offered for sale according to all the sensitive qualities of automatic shutters. You can purchase shutter spare parts products by getting information from our automatic shutter manufacturer Elegant.

Our company assembles automatic shutter spare parts with all these qualities in a way to offer maximum performance and prevent sudden malfunctions.

Choosing the right parts undoubtedly helps to prolong the life of automatic shutters. Because each part in automatic shutter systems works in harmony with each other. All parts that will disrupt this harmony actually reduce the overall performance of automatic shutters and negatively affect the operation of other parts.

Taking all these situations into account, original, guaranteed, good quality spare parts must be used.

Elegant Çelik sells shutter spare parts to all its customers with meticulousness, with or without assembly. In our spare parts services, it has always been our priority to ensure customer satisfaction by providing our customers with every support required throughout the whole process.

You can get more detailed information about our automatic shutter spare parts and shutter spare parts prices by contacting us from the contact numbers on our website.

Our shutter spare parts within our company;

  • Automatic Shutter Motors: Automatic shutter motors offered for sale by Elegant Çelik are available in a wide range in line with customer demands. The motors of motorized shutters that provide the security of your workplace, space, home or garages are prepared in many different models.
  • Receiver Cards for Automatic Shutter: Receiver cards detect the signals and ensure that the system works as desired.
  • Shutter Motors: The selection of motors and profiles needed for automatic shutters is of great importance for long and efficient use.
  • Shutter Control and Shutter Control Battery: Control receivers are devices that trigger the opening and closing commands of automatic door and shutter systems. Certain category products can be compatible with almost every system.
  1. Polyurethane Filled Aluminum Pallets
  2. Extrusion Profiles
  3. Polyurethane filled pvc coated steel pallets
  4. Boxes
  5. Side covers
  6. U-heads with struts
  7. Octagonal pipes
  8. Automatic reels
  9. Gearboxes
  10. Plaques inside the side cover
  11. Bearings
  12. Pipe heads
  13. Pulleys
  14. Reducer arms and intermediate arms
  15. Cords
  16. U-profiles with uprights
  17. Bottom parts
  18. Locks
  19. Steel hangers
  20. Plastic plugs

All spare parts required for automatic shutter systems such as automatic shutter systems are offered for sale by our company as completely original and guaranteed. You can contact us to benefit from all our spare parts services and get detailed information.


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