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Automatic barrier gate systems are used to control vehicle and pedestrian traffic. With automatic barriers, passages are kept under control and entry and exit order is ensured. These door models, which are classified as automatic shutters, are also included in the group of automatic door systems since they are not manual.

Automatic barrier gate systems, like many systems, are produced in line with needs. There are many important reasons for the use of automatic barriers that offer many advantages and meet the needs in terms of security needs, entry and exit controls and maintaining order.

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Always Safer with Automatic Barriers!

The first and most important of these is ensuring security. With the widespread use of vehicles and the increase in multi-storey buildings, many security weaknesses have occurred in today’s modern life.

For people residing on high floors, situations such as disconnection from the outside create a great risk in terms of security. At the same time, security problems also occur in areas where vehicles are gathered at a single point, such as parking lots of buildings and shopping centers.

With automatic barrier gate systems, security can be easily ensured as every movement is controlled through these systems.

All kinds of security problems that may arise can be prevented with card and various other security systems that can be included in automatic barrier door systems. Our company continues to provide the best service to your needs as a general automatic shutter manufacturer.

Barriers Suitable for Long-Lasting Use

Another important issue provided by automatic barrier gate systems is that vehicle entry and exit can be kept under control. Automatic barrier systems, which can be controlled automatically, can preferably be controlled by installing a shed.

In addition to all these, entry and exit can also be provided with cards and passwords. In any case, automatic barrier systems prevent unauthorized entry and exit.

Automatic barrier systems, which provide great advantages in every respect, are photocell and safe. Thanks to the sensors in the system, any accident is prevented during vehicle passage.

Even in case of incomplete entry and exit, the barriers are not closed thanks to these sensors and even after the barrier time has passed, damage to the vehicles is prevented by the sensor recognizing the vehicle.

All models of automatic barriers, which are available in many types and can be designed to meet every need, have a feedback feature.

The service life of automatic barrier systems is quite long with full and timely maintenance and repair operations. If you work with the right company, it is possible to get high efficiency from automatic barrier systems for many years. At the same time, the correct use of products also affects this situation.

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Parking Lot Automatic Barriers: These are automatic barrier systems located in the parking lots of places such as plazas, business centers, shopping malls, airports. With these systems, it is aimed to ensure parking lot security.

These barrier systems, which are controlled by card or automatic systems, are the most widely used automatic barriers.

Automatic Rising Bollards: It is aimed to take wide security measures in the areas where rising bollards are used. Rising bollards, which are part of a hydraulic system, have the power to stop high-speed vehicles.

These barrier systems are installed and used fully automatically. It can be used in areas where vehicle entry is prohibited and in areas where speed must be controlled.

All automatic barrier systems are produced and put into service with our company Elegant Steel automatic shutter systems. In addition, service and repair support is also provided to our customers.


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