Human Resources

Elegant Çelik has adopted the principle of people first and believes that quality, sustainable competition and steady growth depend on happy employees and quality workforce.

One of the main objectives of our Human Resources policy is to keep the motivation of our colleagues high, to ensure the emergence of efficient processes and production by strengthening their commitment to the workplace, to create a comfortable, peaceful, family-like work environment for our employees by allowing them to share all kinds of opinions and ideas in accordance with the principle of transparency.

Just as our innovative approach in R&D, technology, production and our right investments have kept us at the top for more than half a century, we will always provide high added value to our country and our sector by ensuring that the qualified workforce recognizes us and by keeping our employees and our trained workforce under the Elegant Çelik® roof. We will remain the Elegant Çelik family that never prioritizes people.

For success; In addition to product and service quality, one of our basic principles is to find qualified personnel, to ensure that existing personnel develop their technical and behavioral competencies, and to maintain quality with modern human resources management systems. You can be sure that we will continue our business processes and mutual understanding, while never forgetting that the most valuable asset in the world is human.


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