Industrial Doors

Industrial doors are widely used in many areas. They are door models designed for use at the entrances of warehouses, factories or parking lots.

In terms of security, they are both useful and security-precautionary products because they offer high-level security and quality. As Elegant Steel, you can get industrial door service from our company as high quality and useful. In addition, not only industrial doors, we are able to produce different types of production thanks to our shutter manufacturing service all over Turkey.

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What are Industrial Doors?

Industrial doors, which have a wide range of uses, are door systems used in factories, parking lots, garages, production facilities, warehouse areas, galleries and private residences.

You can have quality use by choosing the model you like among the industrial sectional door options. These door types, which are also served in our company, are also very advantageous as they are easy to install.

Industrial Door Types

Commonly used industrial door types are as follows:

  • Industrial automatic doors
  • Industrial sliding doors
  • Industrial photocell doors
  • Industrial folding doors
  • Industrial steel doors
  • Industrial rolling doors
  • Industrial tarpaulin doors

The preference of these door types varies according to the purpose and area of use.

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Which Industrial Door Type is Suitable for Which Needs?

When choosing between sectional doors, users may not know which one should be preferred. Although the most commonly used automatic industrial door systems and photocell ones, it is recommended to prefer sliding and folding doors for situations that will be opened and closed frequently.

Canvas and spiral doors can be preferred according to the sector and frequency of use. If you are wondering which type of door is the most suitable for you, it would be better to get support by contacting our company.

Sectional Door (Industrial Door) Features

The main features of sectional doors, which are used in many areas and preferred for their durability, are as follows:

  • Provides security
  • Creates a comfort zone for the business
  • Looks more aesthetically pleasing
  • Provides heat, dust and sound insulation
  • Safe opening and closing features protect you too
  • A staff door can also be added.

With these features, you can choose industrial doors that can be preferred with usage and assembly advantages and product types by coming to our company.

How is the Installation Process?

In our company, which is among the industrial door companies, we provide our installation services with the utmost care. While the measurement and production stages take place before the installation phase, we make easy installation and assembly with our experienced and knowledgeable craftsmen who are trained from the core.

You can reach us from our contact numbers to take advantage of our quality services we provide with our dealers all over Turkey.

When Should Industrial Doors Be Maintained and Repaired?

Maintenance and repair of industrial doors should be done within 1-1.5 years on average. In our company, which is among the industrial door manufacturers, you can have the maintenance of industrial doors. In this way, you can get a longer lasting and quality use.


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